Deep Dive into Garbage Collection in .NET

Duration: 60 minsLevel:300 – AdvancedKeywords: .net framework, .net internals, c-sharp, garbage collection, memory management
Garbage collection is something you should never need to think about. You write your code, it just does its thing, right? Come and find out! This talk will do a few things for you, including 1) help you to better understand garbage collection in general, one of the defining characteristics of all “managed” languages, 2) help you write .NET applications that use less memory and perform better and 3) help you overcome your fear of IL and low-level debugging tools.

In order to do this, we will cover topics such as heap fragmentation, gc rooting, finalization, etc… all of the things you never knew would help you write better apps!

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  • Introduction
  • Automatic Memory Management Quick overview of types and approaches.
  • Overview Preview of the topics that will be covered in the presentation.
  • Allocating Memory
  • GC Timing
  • GC Process
  • Identifying dead and living objects
  • GC Handles
  • Generations
  • Configuring the GC
  • Workstation and Server Modes
  • Foreground and Concurrent/Background GC
  • Latency Modes
  • Finalization
  • Disposable
  • Debug Builds
  • Closing Review highlights and take-aways

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