JavaScript You Never Knew Existed, But Cannot Live Without

Duration: 60, 90 or 120 minsLevel:300 – AdvancedKeywords: closure, ecmascript5, javascript, strict mode
If you can answer these questions, you may not need this presentation: If everything is an object, why does “2.toString()” throw an error? What is the value of function(a,b,c){ return a+b+c; }.length? What is hoisting? How can you implement private members in a JS object? Does JS have inheritance? Is there such a thing as a immutability in JS?

These questions will be answered, and many more! Delivered with a loving dose of real-world use.


This is a very informative non-linear presentation. There is a lot of fun information packed into a short time. This presentation is intended for developers that claim to know JavaScript, as the main thrust is to examine some of the difficult concepts in the language and show off some of the new features in ECMAScript 5.

The content and concepts are punctuated with live examples and some audience-guided tests.

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  • Introduction Introduce features and format of the presentation
  • Variables
    • Scope
    • Hoisting
    • Closures
    • Declaring Variables
  • Value Coersion
    • Equality
    • Boolean Coercion
  • Functions and Context
    • Functions
    • Context
  • Objects and Properties
    • Object Prototype
    • Types and Classes
    • Mutability
    • Property Descriptors
  • Strict Mode
    • Octal Numbers
    • Variables and Identifiers
    • “eval” and “arguments”
    • “with”
  • Tips, Tricks and Warnings
    • Deleting Values
    • Arrays
    • Function Length
    • Semicolon Insertion
    • JSON
  • Closing and Review

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