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Anti-Pattern and Code Smell Defined

I had pretty much assumed that nearly all software developers would know what I mean when I use the words anti-pattern and code smell. Over the last couple of months, I have come to the conclusion that this is not strictly true. What is an anti-pattern? When asking this question, I have received a number… Read more »

Object Cesspool Anti-Pattern

Object pools are a common pattern in development. The canonical example is probably a database connection pool. If objects returning to the pool are not validated, the pool can gradually fill with garbage objects, turning it into a cesspool of unusable objects. How to Identify The two easiest ways to identify if your object pool… Read more »

Input Kludge Anti-Pattern

As an anti-pattern, input kludge describes a poor user interface that either rejects or incorrectly handles valid input. How to Identify The most obvious code smell that may point to this pattern is ad-hoc input validation routines. Look for: JavaScript validation function defined directly in web page or view code. Server-side validation routine defined in… Read more »

Code Smells and Anti-Patterns

What is an Anti-Pattern? If you know what a pattern is, then you probably already know about anti-patterns, even if you didn’t know it! In a nutshell, a design pattern is an observed good method to solve a re-occurring problem. You have probably observed patterns in your own development. For instance, maybe you have an… Read more »