About Me

I am a senior developer / software engineer that loves solving technical problems and has a beautiful, loving family. I love learning new skills, but there is just not enough time in the day to do everything!


Computers have not surrounded me from infancy, but it seems like it sometimes. My first exposure to programming was a version of BASIC on a Commodore 64. Since then, I have used over 60 different programming languages to write software on many devices from the TRS-80 Model II to the Apple-II to an IBM-Compatible 486-SX (without the math co-processor), through the Pentium age to most modern computers and devices.

My professional development career started with an internship in 1999, my first full-time position in 2003 and continues today. I have always been a nerd for programming languages, and I like to learn a new one every once in a while.


I am always looking for better ways to write software. Over the years, I have developed a passion for clean code. Since the language I use the most is C#, I am primarily interested in object oriented design patterns and practices.

As a skill, good software design and architecture seems to be more elusive than other technical skills. My most popular presentations are on related topics.


I enjoy speaking at developer conferences, user group meetings and private team meetings. I only present on topics for which I am knowledgeable and passionate. I am blessed with a diverse programming background, and I love opportunities to share my knowledge to help inform and motivate others. You can find a partial list on the presentations page.


I have a full-time job as a .NET Engineer at DEG. I spend my days writing software, mostly custom ASP.NET websites. My position and employer afford me plenty of opportunity to try new technology and experiment with finding better solutions and approaches to problems.

It should also be noted that DEG has been listed in the top places to work in Kansas City for a number of years, and the best place to work in Kansas City in 2012.