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What in the World is a Technical Team Lead?

In a few months, I’ll be giving a presentation about what it means to be a professional, technical team lead. This post might be considered a bit of a teaser for that presentation. I think for now I’ll just focus on a definition. First of all, there’s no single definition. The roles and responsibilities of… Read more »

Programmatically Updating Sitecore Indexes

Ever since Sitecore 7 introduced the ContentSearch namespace, more than half of the projects I’ve worked on have required me to update Lucene indexes from code. This topic has proven to be even more complicated than publishing Sitecore items programmatically! This post will examine some of the ways you can update the Sitecore indexes as-needed,… Read more »

Sitecore and WebApi Living in Harmony

We all seem to love WebApi. On the Microsoft technology stack, it is probably the most well-conceived method of building a REST-like web service. If you are building a Sitecore website, though, you may have a problem. Sitecore takes over most of the ASP.NET request cycle, which poses a problem for other ASP.NET technologies, including… Read more »

What I Learned At Nebraska Code Camp 2013

A couple of weeks ago I was at Nebraska Code Camp in Lincoln, NE. This was a very good event. All of the sessions I attended were excellent! In the hallway between sessions, and during the after-party, I met with some excellent individuals. The software development community is thriving in Nebraska! After such a productive… Read more »

Coding Practices I Love To Hate

I’ve been writing software long enough to have developed a few opinions. Many of the practices and patterns that I have encountered have been great! Some have taken me down a dark, winding path. Here are a few that I find more bittersweet. Test-Driven Development (TDD) I am a huge proponent of TDD. It has… Read more »

What I Learned at South Florida Code Camp

South Florida Code Camp 2013 is now over. This was a large event on the campus of Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The organizers did an excellent job, especially considering that there were about 80 speakers, over 1200 registrants, nearly 90 sessions and a blizzard in the northeast (which prevented a number of… Read more »

Geek and Nerd In-Jokes: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

This next installment in my inside-jokes sequence is a very fun movie that my wife can’t stand. The only thing she likes from this movie is the logical method for determining if someone is a witch, which was screened and discussed in her college logic class. As for me, this film is one of my… Read more »