Troubleshooting Software in Production

This is my first serious presentation for public consumption. Being such, I will continue to improve it as I get good feedback and as I think of ways to make it more accurate and informative. With that intent, I openly welcome your constructive feedback! Hit me up on G+, LinkedIn, or comment here!

Troubleshooting Software in Production

This topic is amazingly large. In my presentation, I try to give a good foundation that can be used as a starting point for building up your own skills in this area. If you missed my presentation, or if you want to watch it again, here are the links. The presentation is pretty minimal, so you will not get very much information just watching the slideshow. All of the “good stuff” is in the speaker notes.

Watch the presentation, read the speaker notes, give me feedback. What did you like? What did you learn? What did I miss? What do you disagree with? Hit me up on G+, Twitter or comment below!

KC Developer Conference 2012

This announcement is a little late, but I have been accepted to present at this year’s Kansas City Developer Conference! The conference is only a couple of weeks away, and I hear that they are almost sold out! My topic this year is “Troubleshooting Software In Production.”

Needless to say, this is a HUGE topic! There really is too much information to fit into a single hour. Since there is so much good stuff to talk about, and so many things that people misunderstand or routinely do wrong, I will be publishing a series of articles that delve deeper into this topic.

Don’t think that is an excuse not to attend!

My presentation at the conference will try to give a solid overview of troubleshooting your software in a production environment and propose some practices and tricks to make it easier. As time allows, we will then talk about some specific tools and types of tools to get the job done. I am structuring my presentation deliberately to incite conversation with those in attendance. If you aren’t there, you will certainly miss out on a lot of valuable discussion that will not make it into the slides.

I hope to see you there!

New Blog Kick-Off!

Welcome to my new blog!

I started this blog with the intent to increase my online presence, share some of my expertise, provide some direction for my personal and professional growth and to practice and improve my research and writing skills.

To that end, here is what you could probably expect from my blog:

  • Thoughtful articles about technical topics
  • Tips and tricks as I learn about them
  • Lessons learned and how you can avoid re-learning them
  • Interesting quirks and dry humor
  • Bullet lists

I will probably not post very frequently, but I intend to make the articles that I write professional, meaningful and quickly to the point.

I will try to focus on higher-level concepts and practices, but the basis for most of the examples I use will likely be Microsoft technologies, since C# has been my primary development language for the last few years.

I am always interested in learning more, so please comment or contact me if you have some relevant information or insights that I do not touch on, or if I mention something that is incorrect!

Thanks for taking the time to visit, and I look forward to writing at you!