I am available to speak at conferences, user group meetings or private events. This page contains a list of some of the presentations that I have done before, but I am comfortable speaking on any of the topics covered in my blog.

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Presentations Tagged: anti-pattern

Design Pattern Abuse

Duration: 30-60 Minutes Level: 100 - Beginner Keywords: anti-pattern, architecture, clean code, common misunderstandings, pattern

There is a right and wrong way to use design patterns. In my experience, this has been a surprisingly controversial topic. Don’t believe me? Come with your experiences and opinions. I’ll bring mine and we’ll have some great conversation. By the end of the session, we should all have a little more respect for how… Read more »

Sniffing Out Success: Identifying Smells and Anti-Patterns in Your Code

Duration: 60, 90 or 120 mins Level: 200 - Intermediate Keywords: anti-pattern, c-sharp, code smell, pattern

This presentation reviews some of the most common and dangerous code smells and anti-patterns supported by some debate about why they should be avoided. There are many examples and a lot of interactive discussion to help illustrate the virtues of identifying anti-patterns in our code and how to fix them. Learn cool new terms like… Read more »

Turning Water into Wine: Refactoring Rotten Code (Full Day Workshop)

Duration: 6-8 hrs Level: 100 - Beginner Keywords: anti-pattern, clean code, code smell, pattern, refactoring, tdd

I have stubborn code. There is this one code file that I need to change for almost every new feature, and I always run into merge conflicts with my team. In this project over here, there is a class that I haven’t touched in a year (I’m not sure it is even being used anymore)…. Read more »